2023 TPPA Board of Directors


By Steve Kozak

The success of any organization begins with its leadership. TPPA is led by members who are elected to oversee the activities of the association and to serve the entire membership. You can be confident in the women and men you have elected to serve on the TPPA Board of Directors. Each officer and director brings a unique perspective and a distinctive voice to the table. Each of them is committed to the success of our members and the value that TPPA Membership provides.

From left to right, your 2023 TPPA Board of Directors are: Bill Vahrenkamp, Director; Robin Janson, Chairman of the Board; Beth Groom-Steel, Director; Cornell McGhee, Secretary; Teri Whittaker, President; Shawna Hinkel, Treasure; Guy T. Phillips, President-Elect. Not pictured is Alison Carlino, Director.

The Board of Directors attend two-days of Leadership Training each fall. This training prepares each officer for the coming year and sets the stage for conducting association business in a healthy atmosphere. This same Leadership Training is available through TPPA for all PPA Affiliates. Contact the TPPA Executive Director, Steve Kozak, for details.