October/November 2017
Photographing Dogs’ Ears by Margaret Bryant, The Frustration of Image Competition by Bryan Welsh, Mixed Light and HyperSync by Dave Montizambert… and more.



August/September 2017
Boudoir Photography by Tim Babiak, Food Photography with Malinda Julien, Off-Camera Flash with Alison Carlino… and more.



June/July 2017
The Camera Trap by Joe McDonald – Profile of Karen McCoy Butts – What Makes a Great Landscape Image by John Murray – Perpetual Marketing by Gregory Daniel – and much more.



April/May 2017
Bird Photography with Arthur Morris – The Fine Art Portrait Session with Kristi Elias – Auto Photography with Jeffrey Eatley – When The Location Isn’t Perfect with Gregory Daniel – The Art & Science of Photography: Size Matters with Cris Duncan – and more.



Feb/March 2017
Fashion & Agency-Testing Photos by Steve Ellinger – Successfully Photographing Children with Beverly Walden – Food Product Photography by Bill Hedrick – Lighting Options for Non-Flash by Nikki Harrison – and more.



Dec/Jan 2017
Meet Trey Homan, TPPA’s New President – Deep In The Heart of Texas with Earl Nottingham – With A Little Help From Our Friends by Gregory Daniel – Peoples Choice Winners from PhotoGenesis – and more.



Oct/Nov 2016
Landscape Photography with Doug Box – A Personal Journey in Photography by Russell Graves – One Light Can Be Enough by Cris Duncan – and much more.



Aug/Sept 2016
Ballet Photography with Jimmy Kryzak – Legacy of the Marvins Studio – Winning Images from Summerfest ’16 – Using Our Bag of Tricks by Bry Cox – and much more.



June/July 2016
Earl Nottingham’s Photographic Odyssey – Product Photography with Cris Duncan – Alison Carlino on Off-Camera Flash – Military Art by Connor Fuller – and much more.




April/May 2016
Wyman Meinzer, the Official Photographer of Texas – Establishing Yourself as a Professional by Don MacGregor – The Magic of Photo Restoration with Catherine Dybala – and much more.




CvrFM16Feb/Mar 2016
Nighttime Aerial Photography with Vincent Laforet – Bare Bulb Photography with Aboud Dweck – Photographing Interiors with Ron Castle – and much more.




Dec/Jan 2016
A 20/20 Vision for TPPA, Meet Steve Kozak, TPPA President 2016 – Will Swinnea’s Landscape Photography by Bill Hedrick – Live Portrait APP by Suzette Allen – and much more.




Oct/Nov 2015
Sneak Peak or Anticipation by Gregory Daniel – No Window, Window Light by Cris Duncan – Creating Sketches in Photoshop by Lawrence Millbarge – and much more.




Aug/Sept 2015
First Exposure by Don MacGregor – Interactive Family Portraits by Elizabeth Homan – National Award Presented to Dr. Henry Oles – and much more.




June/July 2015
Stay True to Yourself by Gregory Daniel – Relationship Images by Don MacGregor – Tips on Window Lighting by Doug Box – The First TPPA President – and much more.




CvrAM15April/May 2015
Fashion Posing for Women by Bry Cox – Outdoor Sports Lighting by Randy Pollard – Sweet Light by Doug Box – and much more.




CvrFM15February/March 2015
TPPA Magazine Contest Winner Announced – Fashion Posing for Women by Bry Cox – Overcoming the Effects of Fluorescent Lighting by Jim Bacon – and much more.




December/January 2015
Evolution of an Artist by Roger Ludlow – PhotoGenesis 2015 – Composites for Profit by Barry Nelson – Photographing Dancers by Elizabeth Homan – Fashion Posing by Bry Cox – and more.




October/November 2014

Moving to a Small Town by Joe Dybala – The Perfect Portable Studio by Charles Ames – and much more.





August/September 2014
Anatomy of a Family Portrait with Don MacGregor – Winning Images from Summer Seminar – Understanding Depth of Field by Al Audleman – and much more.



CvrJJ14June/July 2014
A Tribute to “Lightning” by Bill Hedrick – Lens Review: Tamron SP 150-600 lens – The “Other” Senior Market by Carmen Schettino – and more.




CvrAM14April – May 2014

Environmental Art, the Story of J. Henry Fair – Virtual Backgrounds Announces “Digital Projection” – Basic Daylight Photography with Tony Corbell



CvrFM14February – March 2014

Using Existing Artificial Light with Doug Box – The Demise of the CD/DVD by Lawrence Millbarge – Lens Review: Tamron SP 70-200mm by Jon Sienkiewicz – Giving to Receive by Barry Nelson



December – January 2014

Introducing Mark McCall, TPPA President 2014 – “Fun With Gels” by Bry Cox – “Creating Artistic Silhouettes” by Doug Box – “Do It Yourself Equipment Cart” by Mike Sheeren – and more.



October – November 2013

Bare Bulb Photography with Gregory Daniels, Modifying Available Light with Doug Box, the Making of “The Temptation” and more.



Aug – September 2013

Darty Hines with “A Camera Room Designed for babies” – “Fighting Fluorescent Lighting” by Jim Bacon – “Art and Science of Lighting” by Chris Duncan – Frank Cricchio honored by TPPA and more.


CvrJJ13June – July 2013

Ralph Romaguera on the Basics – Bill Weaks Honored by PPA – “Kicking” Window Light by Darty Hines – Restoring a Moment in Time with Judy Dumas and more


CvrAM13April – May 2013

Print Winners from TPPA Photo Conference – Portraying a Portraitist by Randy Kerr – Communicating with Clients by Joe Glyda and more



CvrFM13February – March 2013

Bag of Tricks for Location Photography by Greg Daniel – Placement Matters with Lighting by Chris Duncan – Evolution of Wedding Photography by Jim Bacon and more


CvrDJ13December – January 2013

Introducing Judy Dumas, TPPA President 2013 – Position Matters with Lighting by Chris Duncan – MAnual Flash with Steve Kozak and more



CvrON12October – November 2012

Aerospace Photography with John Wilson – Abilene’s Co-Op Studio – Size Matters with Lighting by Chris Duncan – Night Photography by Doug Box – Perpetual Marketing and more


CvrAS12August – September 2012

Single Light, High Key Portraiture by Chris Duncan – Coping with Rejection – Restoring Faded Photos Using Your RAW Converter – Workflow with Tony Corbell


CvrJJ12June – July 2012

Featuring Randy Kerr – The Photographer’s Game Plan by Steve Kozak – Interactive Family Portraits – In Defense of the Light Meter and more



CvrAM12April – May 2012

Featuring Austin Community College – Photoshop Tips with Suzette Allen – Tips From the Lightroom Dude Nick Tsakiris – Chris Duncan on Color EFEX Pro and more


CvrFM12February – March 2012

Featuring Elizabeth and Trey Homan – Location Lighting in the Studio with Greg Daniel – Cory Sinklier’s Pinup Girls – The Lightroom Dude Nick Tsakiris – Mark McCall Using Virtual Backgrounds, and the future of the traditional studio


CvrDJ12December – January 2012

Introducing TPPA President Walter Eagleton – Texas School Lineup – SWPPA Winners Gallery – Julie Nabours on Auto Focus Adjustments – Nick Tsakiris on Lightroom


October – November 2011

Featuring Jenny Hollis – Mark McCall on Exif Data – Payment Plans for your Customers – Chris Duncan on Outdoor Lighting – Economy Rotating Bracket


CvrAS11August – September 2011

TPPA Magazine First in Nation – TPPA Convention 2011 – Texas School Shootout Winners – Kerrville Print Gallery – Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Crooks