Affiliate Partnership

If you’ve ever wished you could provide your members with a professionally-done printed magazine, we have good news for you! Our new “Co-op Partnership” makes it possible for you to “adopt” THE PHOTOGRAPHER as your official publication at a special turn-key rate that is affordable, even in quantities as small as 250… and we do all the work!

All co-op partners will receive the same magazine (same cover, articles, advertising) except for several custom pages that make your version unique to your organization. It’s easy and cost-effective and provides your members with a tangible member benefit that sets your organization apart from the rest.

But don’t forget about the magazine website… Articles from THE PHOTOGRAPHER are also posted on that website. Plus, we also list our Co-op Partners, along with their web link, on the website and encourage readers to join their local affiliate.

Leave the work to us – All you have to send us is your mailing list, the copy for your custom pages, and a check. We do all the rest. We obtain articles on a variety of subjects, sell the advertising, do the layout-design, drop in your custom pages for your version, and mail your magazines to your members. There are six total pages in the magazine that make it unique to your organization. One of them is the “Contents” page, of course. Typically, the other five pages will include a double-page spread and another single page in the front half of the magazine and another double-page spread in the back half of the magazine.

That means you have five pages in the magazine to place whatever copy you desire. You can use them to promote events, publish your own articles, or you can even use some of that space to place your own advertising… a great way to help offset your cost! Just keep in mind that the material on your custom pages will only appear in your version of THE PHOTOGRAPHER.

Can we submit articles for other versions? – Yes, indeed! We are always looking for good articles and illustrations and would be happy to consider submissions that might have a broad appeal for all of our readers. Please ask us for details.

But there is more! Each magazine is mailed with a “Dust Cover” (printed on matte paper) for mailing. You can place additional copy on the inside-front and inside-back of this Dust Cover. So, you actually get a total of 8 pages (including the Contents and those pages inside the Dust Cover) for your organization!

What is the minimum order? – The minimum number of magazines we can print and mail Third Class is 250. If you have less than 250 members, we suggest that you use any of the extra magazines as a membership drive. It is a classy way to recruit new members for your organization. Here is how that works.

Extra Magazines as a Membership Drive – You might be surprised at how many people in your area are members of the Professional Photographers of America but not yet members of their own state/regional affiliate. What Texas PPA has done is obtain a list from PPA of PPA members in Texas and then delete those on the list who are TPPA members. Then, they target these non-members and mail them a copy of the magazine. It has been a most effective membership recruitment tool! We have other suggestions as well, so let’s talk.

No long term contract – The great thing about this new concept is that it works on a “per issue” basis. THE PHOTOGRAPHER is published every other month (6 issues a year) but that does not mean you have to participate in all of them. If you simply wish to participate in one issue and use that to promote a major event, that is fine with us. Participate in as many or as few as you desire. No problem!

How much? – For the minimum number of 250 magazines, the entire cost (printing & mailing) is $2.95 per magazine. As quantities increase, the price per magazine decreases. If you order 1,000 magazines, for example, the cost is $2.25 per magazine. It’s that simple.

What format? – Your mailing list should be on a spread-sheet (Excel). Each one of your pages should be a High Resolution PDF. Pages in the magazine include a “bleed” which is a printer’s term for “extra page space that is trimmed off after printing.” With offset printing, entire sections of the magazine are printed on large press sheets and those press sheets are folded several ways and then “trimmed” to the final size. Because some graphics on a page go all the way to the edge (especially for a full-page ad), it is necessary to place these things a little outside the edge of each page so that there will be a “clean edge” to the page on the final version. This is called a “bleed” (if you are unfamiliar with this term, we’ll be more than happy to explain it).

To be in harmony with the rest of the magazine, the body of your text should use Times New Roman font (headlines can be whatever you wish). Font size should be no smaller than 8 point and no larger than 10 point for the body of your text (generally speaking). Most of the rest of the magazine will be either one or two columns per page and each page will have 1/2 inch margins (both sides, top, and bottom). Again, if you are not familiar with all of this, we will be happy to get you started. Below is a diagram of the layout of a typical page.

Want us to do the layout? – No problem! If you want to just send us the information and files, we will be happy to do your layout at a flat rate of $20 per page. Either way, we will email you a PDF of the final layout for your approval before going to press (you must reply by the proofing deadline or we assume it is satisfactory and will go to press as is).

Yes, we realize this is something new to our industry and there can be a bit of a learning curve. But have no fear! We will work with you personally to get everything going. If you just want to chat about this, email Bill Hedrick, Editor, at: