March/April 2024

In this issue…

“A Wedding Photography Adventure: with Jennifer Beene; Confidence & Success” by Gregory Daniel; “Stairway and Beyond” a Spotlight Pic by Patrick Bertolino; “Photographing BBQ” with Malinda Julien; “A Blast from the Past” by Bill Hedrick; “Margaret Bryant’s Funny, Furry Friends” by Bill Hedrick; “Big Client -Small Light” by Dave Montizambert; “Introducing IPAC: Preserving Photographic Legacies” by Bill Hedrick; “Why Size Really Doesn’t Matter – When Photographing Women” by Jen Rozenbaum; and “Yesterday’s Darkroom vs. Today’s Technology” with Carl Caylor.

January/February 2024

In this issue…

“Meet the 2024 Board of Directors” by Steve Kozak; “They Call Him Guy T” by Bill Hedrick; “Texas School 2024” by Don Dickson; “High-Key Photography” with Rob Hull; “Robert Norwood Receives National Award” by Kathy Norwood; “Spotlight Pic: Out!” featuring Corey McDonald; “Upcoming TPPA Events” by Steve Kozak; “Spotlight Pic: In Hot Pursuit” featuring Andy Lay; and “Using Constant Light in Modern Fine Art Portraiture” by Kelly Schneider.

November/December 2023

In this issue…

“Texas School 2024: Classes & Instructors” by Don Dickson, “The Joy of Giving” by Trey Homan, “Building a Commercial Product Set” by Bob Coates, “Mastering Story Branding” by Mary Fisk-Taylor, “What’s Old Is New Again!” by Ralph Romaguera, “Crime Scene Photography” by Mike Fulton, “Fixing Annoying Things in Photoshop” by Michael Collins, “Wedding Photography Checklist” by Bob Davis, and more.

September/October 2023

In this issue…

“Style and Elegance:  The Elizabeth Homan Story” by Bill Hedrick, “The Making of ‘Silent Sentinel'” by Jacqueline Kozak, “Classic Portraits of Women” by Dane Miller, “An Encouraging Word” by Cat Threadgill, “The Secret to Your Growth” by Gregory Daniel, “The Full Story of Full Color”, “Ding! Dong! A Lesson on Noise Makers” by Margaret Bryant, “130 to 0 in 3.2 Seconds” by Dave Montizambert, and more.

July/August 2023

In this issue…

“Embracing Artificial Intelligence” by Chris Fritchie, “Creating Composites Using Only Photoshop” by Mark McCall, “The Importance of Vision in Your Photography” by Cornell McGhee, “What’s In It for Me as a TPPA Member?” by Guy T. Phillips, “Wrinkle-Free Apertures for Table-Top Photography” by Dave Montizambert, “The Joys of Ballet Photography” by Doc List, and more.

May/June 2023

In this issue:

“BACK TO HIS ROOTS: Revisiting Cuba After 60 Years” by Armando Chacon, “Painting With Light Using A Drone” by Kory Bumgardner, “HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR: Using Today’s Continuous Lighting” by Doug Hansgate, “World’s Largest Camera, The George Lawrence Story” by Emmett Millbarge, “Rediscovering Film Photography” with Lyne Raff.

March/April 2023

In this issue:

“It’s Not About You” by Gregory Daniel  –  “Artistically Motivated: The Lyne Raff Story” by Bill Hedrick  –  “Whatever It Takes, To Get the Shot” by Gary Box  –  “A Little Help from My Friends, All About a Theft” by Cris Duncan  –  “5 Insights on Style” by Tim Walden  –  “The Making of Eternal Trinity” by Kristi Elias  –  “Texas School 2023” by Don Dickson  –  “Creative Use of One Light” by Tony Corbell  –  “Painting With Light” by John R. Hartman

January/February 2023

In this issue:

“Meet Teri Whittaker”, new President of TPPA – “An Introduction to Creative Portraiture” by Joe Edelman – “New Rules for Image Competition” by Steve Kozak – “The Search for Black Santa” by Misty Hoyt – “From Concept to Creation… The Richard Sturdevant Story” by Bill Hedrick – “Natural Light vs. OCF” by Carl Caylor – and more.

November/December 2022

In this issue:

“Reading the Light – Easing the Couple” by Alison Carlino, “Rings of Fire” by Jamie Cobb, “The Vicious Cycle” by Gregory Daniel, “Quality of Light” by Rob Hull, “AI Artwork” by Tim Babiak, “Additive & Subtractive Lighting” by Steve Kozak, “Her Fine Feathered Friends” featuring Aileen Harding, “Efficient HDR Bracket with NIKON” by Terrence Campbell, “Seeing the World at Drone Level” by Kory Bumgardner, plus class descriptions of 34 Texas School Classes for 2023.

September/October 2022

In this issue:  “Terri Butler’s Photoshop Artistry” by Bill Hedrick, “Saturation and Vibrance” by Rob Hull, “Texas School 2023′” by Don Dickson, “Photographing Artwork” by Bob Coates, “Bare Bulb It” by Gregory Daniel, “Boutique Volume Photography” by Mark McCall and much more.

July/August 2022

In this issue:  “The Aggie Photographer from Austin – Roy Nierdieck” by Bill Hedrick, “The Role of Websites for Photographers” by Jeremy Hyler, “The Making of ‘Wingman'” by Mark McCall, “Wake Up Your Child Within” by Gregory Daniel, “Hunting for Diamonds in the Rough” by Tally Springer, “Plating Your Food Shots” by Melinda Julien, “Don Dickson Honored by TPPA” by Bill Hedrick and much more.

May/June 2022

In this issue:  “Kentucky Country Studio – The Cindy Dover Story” by Bill Hedrick, “TPPA Road Trip to Red River New Mexico” by Steve Kozak, “Start Small… Think Big! – The Story of Precision Camera & Video by Bill Hedrick, “An Artistic Touch – the Sarah Musumeci story” by Bill Hedrick, “PPA National Award Recipient, Trey Homan” by Steve Kozak, “Real Estate Photography
Keeping It Simple” by Patrick Bertolino, “Using Bounce Flash” by Steve Kozak, “Lens Compression” by Jamie Hayes and much more.

March/April 2022

In this issue:  “Way Out West Lifestyle Portraits: The Story of Amy Peterson & Selkirk Ridge Photography” by Bill Hedrick, “The Rewards of Giving Back:When Small Businesses Come Together” by Chris Fritchie, “Interest Lies In The Shadows” by Tim Babiak, “The Life and Times of Frank Cricchio” by Bill Hedrick, “Wildlife Photography” with Russell Graves, and much more.

January/February 2022

In this issue:  “Meet The Jansons” by Bill Hedrick, “Photographing Furry Felines” by Paige Fulton, “Carrying on the Family Tradition: A Story of US Camera Pro” by Michelle Meals, “Powerful Portraits” by Kelly Schneider, “Spotlight Pics: Devotion” by Amber Damour, “Boudoir Photography: Poses That Sell” by Tim Babiak, “Texas School 2022: It Will Change Your Life” by Don Dickson, and much more.

November/December 2021

In this issue:  “Texas School 2022: Classes & Instructors” by Don Dickson, “Photographing Water Droplets” with Bob Coates, “Photographing the Strahov Monastery” by Randy Van Duinen, “Owning a Profitable and Sustainable Business” by Mary Fisk-Taylor, “Intentional Branding” with Gregory Daniel, “With a Little Help From My Friends” by Tony Corbell and much more.

September/October 2021

In this Issue: “Sparking Creativity”  by Shannon Squires, “Pandemic Portraits” by Malinda Julien, “Start With the Right Title” by Katherine McClure, “Your Own YouTube Channel” by Larry Lourcey, “Making Outstanding Headshots” by Guy T Phillips, “Texas School 2022” by Don Dickson, “The iHeart Photography Conference and Expo” by Steve Kozak, “Charlcey Dickson Gets National Award” by Bill Hedrick and much more.

July/August 2021

In this Issue: “The Carver Shivers Story”  by Bill Hedrick, “Growing Through Education” by Sarah Higgins, “The Gift of Versatility” by Bill Hedrick, “The TPPA365 Digital Library” by Steve Kozak, “Product Photography” by Cris Duncan, “A Story of Six Strings” by Chris Fritchie, and much more.

May/June 2021

In this issue:  “Getting to Know Light” with Mark Bryant, “Write A Song With A Camera” by Chris Fritchie, “Challenge Yourself” by Joe McDonald, “Photographing Puppies” by Margaret Bryant, “Where Life Takes Us” by Earl Nottingham, “He Invented the Digital Camera” by Bill Hedrick and more.

March/April 2021

In this Issue: “Effective Lighting: Model Agency Expectations” by Steve Ellinger,  “Sources of Inspiration” by Kimberly Smith, “Syncing Time and Date” by Rob Hull, “Piano Lighting” by Carl Caylor,  “Grand Canyon Panorama” by Bob Coates, “From the Frying Pan to the Fire” by Malinda Julien, “The Architectural Portfolio” by Randy Van Duinen and much more.

January/February 2021

In this Issue: “Meet the First Family: Cris Duncan is the New TPPA President” by Bill Hedrick,  “No Matter What They Say… It’s Never Easy!” by Gregory Daniel, “Choosing the Right Lens for Floral Photography” by Jackie Kramer, “David Valdez Recalls Role as White House Photographer” by Bill Hedrick,  “Infrared Extends Your Shooting Day” by Bob Coates, “Image Competition, What Are You Afraid Of?” by Brad Barton, “Covid Got You Down?” by Guy T Phillips. “The Photo Artistry of Liz Hickok” and “The Crash at Crush” and much more.

November/December 2020

In this Issue: “The Texas School Issue”, “Platypod is Here: Little Tripod with a Weird Name” by Bob Coates,  “Breaking into Volume Sports Photography” by Alison Carlino, “To Pose or Not to Pose” by Steve Kozak, “Colorado: A Photographer’s Dream” by Doug Bennett,  “The Wide Wide World of Sports Photography with Michael Dill” by Bill Hedrick, and much more.

September/October 2020

In this Issue: “Taking Back Happy: Kia Bondurant’s Top 10 Pandemic Checklist”,  “Creation of “Dance of the Snowy Egret” by Bob Coates, “Approaching the Landscape” by John Murray, “How to Deal with Problem Dogs” by Margaret Bryant,  “Reflections of Lighting Black Using Specular Highlights to Create Shape & Form Part 2” by Dave Montizambert, and much more.

July/August 2020

In this Issue: “Bridals & Engagements Up Close and Personal” with Maryanne Keeling, “Senior Portraits McGyver Style” by Conner Fuller, “Using the Photoshop Mixer Brush For Retouching & Painting” by Sandra Pearce, “Photographing Humming Birds” by Bob Coates, “Fix Flat, Dull Images with Lightroom Camera Profiles” by Rob Hull, “Amber Damour’s Journey Into the World of Professional Photography” by Bill Hedrick, “Reflections of Lighting Black Using Specular Highlights to Create Shape & Form” by Dave Montizambert, “Relationship Images DO SELL” by Don MacGregor and much more.

April/May 2020

In this Issue: “Old Red Courthouse Magic Featuring the Photographic Artistry of Gail Nogle” by Bill Hedrick, From “Crash and Burn” to “Loan!” The Making of “Acoustic Stage” by Daniel Fermaint, “Changing the World One Image At A Time” by Bill Hedrick, “Uniquely Designed” by Gregory Daniel, “Smoke Grenade Pro Tips: Blow Away the Senior Competition” by Conner Fuller, “Is Your Price Sheet Killing You?” by Chris Fritchie, “How to Manage Client Expectations When You’re a Pet Photographer” by Margaret Bryant, “Photographing Liquids Beverages or Foods – It’s All About Timing” by Malinda Julien, “Crime Doesn’t Pay: Don Dickson Learns a Valuable Lesson” by Bill Hedrick and much more.

February/March 2020

In this Issue: “Have Camera Will Travel: On The Road With Mandy Lea” by Bill Hedrick, “People Watching” by Carl Caylor, “Color Look Up Tables” by John Wilson, “All in the Family: The Story of Bill Porter and Arlington Camera” by Steve Kozak, “The Long and Winding Road” by Tony Corbell, “Digital Marketing” by Ashley Siegert, “Beach Tethered” by Dave Montizambert, “Group Composition Basics” by Don MacGregor and much more.

December 2019/January 2020

In this Issue: “Remote Cameras” by Bob Davis, “The Dark Side” by Scott Detweiler, “Creative Family Portraiture” by Jason Ulsurd, “Why Size Doesn’t Really Matter” by Jen Rozenbaum, “Using Layers” by Jackie Kramer, “Dog Posing Made Easy” by Margaret Bryant, “Artistic Images with Blending Modes” by Bob Coates and much more.

October/November 2019

In this Issue: “Never Say Never: Phyllis Kuykendall” by Steve Kozak, “Photographing Interiors” by Ron Castle, “Creating and Implementing a Sales Plan” by Mary Fisk-Taylor, “Beat the Algorithm” by Darty Hines, “Texas School 2020” by Don Dickson, “History Remembers Hasselblad” by Bill Hedrick and much more.

August/September 2019

In this Issue: “Commission or Speculation” by Gregory Daniel, “A Closer Look at the Value of Creative Cloud Plans” by Guy T Phillips, “Sweet Light” by Carl Caylor, “Choosing Backgrounds” by Don McGregor, “Life After Photography: Mike Marvins” by Doc List and much more.

June/July 2019

-Natural Light: Setting the Record Straight by Chelsae Williams
-“The Making of a Magazine” Behind-The-Scene Look at The Photographer Magazine by Steve Kozak
-Getting Started with Light Modifiers, part 3 by Guy T. Phillips
-Creating a Client’s Promotional Illustration by Daniel Fermaint
-“Switching Gears: Field Testing Olympus Mirrorless” by Joe McDonald

April/May 2019


February/March 2019

“Maternity Photography 101” by Kay Eskridge, “Restoring Priceless Artwork – A Baumgartner Family Tradition” by Bill Hedrick, “The Psychology of Portrait Pricing: Price, Quality, and YOU” by Bry Cox,
“Getting Started with Light Modifiers” by Guy T. Phillips, “The World Needs You To BE DIFFERENT” by Jason Ulsrud, “Putting Some Tooth Into Dark Prints” by Dave Montizambert

December/January 2019

This issue is packed with articles by photographers who will be teaching at the Texas School of Photography April 28-May 3, 2019. Francie Stonestreet shares how she creates thought provoking images, Ethan Tweedie discusses high-end real estate photography, Tony Corbell shares lighting on location and so much more!

October/November 2018

Creative Composites: How Jason Ulsrud Rediscovered Photography – The Fashion Shoot by Steve Ellinger – In Search of the Perfect Sky by Alison Carlino – The Essence of Life: Being Fairly Rewarded for Your Work by William Branson III – Breaking the Rules by Dave Montizambert – Understanding Light: How to Pre-Visualize Your Exposure by Gary A. Meek – Texas School of Photography 2019


August/September 2018

Creative Composites: How Jason Ulsrud Rediscovered Photography – “Who Are You” by Gregory Daniel, “Interactive Family Portraits” by Elizabeth Homan, “ESP: Expression Sells Portraits” by Don MacGregor, “Creating Event Photography for Pets” by Margaret Bryant and more.


June/July 2018
Photographing the Oregon Coast with Doug Bennett, Teri Whitaker’s “366 Project,” Underwater Photography with Diana Waguespack… and more.

April/May 2018 Getting Uncomfortable as an Artist is Good by J.T. Blenkrer… Wildlife Photography at Home by Joe McDonald… Aileen Harding’s Fine Feathered Friends… and more.

February/March 2018
Portraits of the Homeless with Dennis Kelly… Natural Light vs. Off-Camera Flash by Carl Caylor… Standing Out from the Crowd by Dustin Meyer… Location lighting with Dave Montizambert, and much more.

December/January 2018 Meet Tammy Graham, TPPA President 2018… Tons of Great Articles from Texas School Instructors including Don MacGregor, Steve Ellinger, William Branson III, Alison Carlino, Ross Benton and more!

October/November 2017
Photographing Dogs’ Ears by Margaret Bryant, The Frustration of Image Competition by Bryan Welsh, Mixed Light and HyperSync by Dave Montizambert… and more.

August/September 2017 Boudoir Photography by Tim Babiak, Food Photography with Malinda Julien, Off-Camera Flash with Alison Carlino… and more.

June/July 2017
The Camera Trap by Joe McDonald – Profile of Karen McCoy Butts – What Makes a Great Landscape Image by John Murray – Perpetual Marketing by Gregory Daniel – and much more.

April/May 2017 Bird Photography with Arthur Morris – The Fine Art Portrait Session with Kristi Elias – Auto Photography with Jeffrey Eatley – When The Location Isn’t Perfect with Gregory Daniel – The Art & Science of Photography: Size Matters with Cris Duncan – and more.

Feb/March 2017
Fashion & Agency-Testing Photos by Steve Ellinger – Successfully Photographing Children with Beverly Walden – Food Product Photography by Bill Hedrick – Lighting Options for Non-Flash by Nikki Harrison – and more.

Dec/Jan 2017 Meet Trey Homan, TPPA’s New President – Deep In The Heart of Texas with Earl Nottingham – With A Little Help From Our Friends by Gregory Daniel – Peoples Choice Winners from PhotoGenesis – and more.

Oct/Nov 2016
Landscape Photography with Doug Box – A Personal Journey in Photography by Russell Graves – One Light Can Be Enough by Cris Duncan – and much more.

Aug/Sept 2016 Ballet Photography with Jimmy Kryzak – Legacy of the Marvins Studio – Winning Images from Summerfest ’16 – Using Our Bag of Tricks by Bry Cox – and much more.

June/July 2016
Earl Nottingham’s Photographic Odyssey – Product Photography with Cris Duncan – Alison Carlino on Off-Camera Flash – Military Art by Connor Fuller – and much more.

April/May 2016 Wyman Meinzer, the Official Photographer of Texas – Establishing Yourself as a Professional by Don MacGregor – The Magic of Photo Restoration with Catherine Dybala – and much more.

Feb/Mar 2016
Nighttime Aerial Photography with Vincent Laforet – Bare Bulb Photography with Aboud Dweck – Photographing Interiors with Ron Castle – and much more.

Dec/Jan 2016
A 20/20 Vision for TPPA, Meet Steve Kozak, TPPA President 2016 – Will Swinnea’s Landscape Photography by Bill Hedrick – Live Portrait APP by Suzette Allen – and much more.

Oct/Nov 2015
Sneak Peak or Anticipation by Gregory Daniel – No Window, Window Light by Cris Duncan – Creating Sketches in Photoshop by Lawrence Millbarge – and much more.

April/May 2015
Fashion Posing for Women by Bry Cox – Outdoor Sports Lighting by Randy Pollard – Sweet Light by Doug Box – Spotlight Prints from Gail Nogle and Gabrial Alsonso.

October/November 2014
Moving to a Small Town by Joe Dybala – The Perfect Portable Studio by Charles Ames – The Texas Off-Ramp: Kreisches Brewery – and much more.

April – May 2014

Environmental Art, the Story of J. Henry Fair – Virtual Backgrounds Announces “Digital Projection” – Basic Daylight Photography with Tony Corbell – Finding Inspiration by Mark McCall – and much more.

October – November 2013

Bare Bulb Photography with Gregory Daniels, Modifying Available Light with Doug Box, the Making of “The Temptation”, Right of Passage Photography by William Hodge and more.

April – May 2013

Print Winners from TPPA Photo Conference – Portraying a Portraitist by Randy Kerr – Communicating with Clients by Joe Glyda and more

October – November 2012

Aerospace Photography with John Wilson – Abilene’s Co-Op Studio – Size Matters by Chris Duncan – Night Photography by Doug Box – Perpetual Marketing

April – May 2012

Featuring Austin Community College – Photoshop Tips with Suzette Allen – Tips From the Lightroom Dude Nick Tsakiris – Chris Duncan on Color EFEX Pro and more

October – November 2011

Featuring Jenny Hollis – Mark McCall on Exif Data – Payment Plans for your Customers – Chris Duncan on Outdoor Lighting – Economy Rotating Bracket

Aug/Sept 2015
First Exposure by Don MacGregor – Interactive Family Portraits by Elizabeth Homan – National Award Presented to Dr. Henry Oles – and much more.

February/March 2015
TPPA Magazine Contest Winner Announced – Fashion Posing for Women by Bry Cox – Overcoming the Effects of Fluorescent Lighting by Jim Bacon – and much more.

August/September 2014
Anatomy of a Family Portrait with Don MacGregor – Winning Images from Summer Seminar – Understanding Depth of Field by Al Audleman – and much more.

February – March 2014

Using Existing Artificial Light with Doug Box – The Demise of the CD/DVD by Lawrence Millbarge – Lens Review: Tamron SP 70-200mm by Jon Sienkiewicz – Giving to Receive by Barry Nelson

Aug – September 2013

Darty Hines with “A Camera Room Designed for babies” – “Art and Science of Lighting” by Chris Duncan – Frank Cricchio honored by TPPA and more.

February – March 2013

Bag of Tricks for Location Photography by Greg Daniel – Placement Matters with Lighting by Chris Duncan – Evolution of Wedding Photography by Jim Bacon.

August – September 2012

Single Light, High Key Portraiture by Chris Duncan – Coping with Rejection – Restoring Faded Photos Using Your RAW Converter – Workflow with Tony Corbell

February – March 2012

Featuring Elizabeth and Trey Homan – Location Lighting in the Studio with Greg Daniel – Cory Sinklier’s Pinup Girls – Mark McCall Using Virtual Backgrounds

August – September 2011

TPPA Magazine First in Nation – TPPA Convention 2011 – Texas School Shootout Winners – Kerrville Print Gallery – Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Crooks

June/July 2015
Stay True to Yourself by Gregory Daniel – Relationship Images by Don MacGregor – Tips on Window Lighting by Doug Box – The First TPPA President – and more.

December/January 2015
Evolution of an Artist by Roger Ludlow – Composites for Profit by Barry Nelson – Photographing Dancers by Elizabeth Homan – Fashion Posing by Bry Cox.

June/July 2014
A Tribute to “Lightning” by Bill Hedrick – Lens Review: Tamron SP 150-600 lens – The “Other” Senior Market by Carmen Schettino – and more.

December – January 2014

Introducing Mark McCall, TPPA President 2014 – “Fun With Gels” by Bry Cox – “Creating Artistic Silhouettes” by Doug Box – “Do It Yourself Equipment Cart” by Mike Sheeren – and more.

CvrJJ13June – July 2013

Ralph Romaguera on the Basics – Bill Weaks Honored by PPA – “Kicking” Window Light by Darty Hines – Restoring a Moment in Time with Judy Dumas.

December – January 2013

Introducing Judy Dumas, TPPA President 2013 – Position Matters with Lighting by Chris Duncan – Manual Flash with Steve Kozak and more

June – July 2012

Featuring Randy Kerr – The Photographer’s Game Plan by Steve Kozak – Interactive Family Portraits – In Defense of the Light Meter and more

December – January 2012

Introducing TPPA President Walter Eagleton – Texas School Lineup – SWPPA Winners Gallery – Julie Nabours on Auto Focus Adjustments – Nick Tsakiris on Lightroom