Who Receives Our Printed Magazine?

About 3,000 professional photographers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  In addition, we send to select college students and instructors in Texas as well as select photo vendors.

These are…
Photographers Who Use YOUR Products/Services!

PLUS… Thousands of Online Viewers!

“In 1979, I first joined Texas PPA and saw my first episode of the TPPA magazine.  My brother-in-law, Raymond Taylor, had that cover, a merit quality image of a small fawn in the woods called “Bambi Who.”  Off and on, I have received and read this magazine for more than 30 years and was thrilled to have had the cover last summer after Summerfest.  Seriously, everyone should go through this and just look at the great stories and articles inside.  You’ll be a better photographer and be inspired to try new things.  LOVE seeing this in my mailbox all the way up in Oklahoma.”
Tony L. Corbell
Muskogee, OK

“THE PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine is outstanding. While so many just send electronic newsletters that are commonly deleted before reading, this magazine is not only chock full of interesting and educational material but it is something that is extremely well produced. The quality of the magazine makes you want to hang on to it and read and re-read.”
Don MacGregor
Vancouver, BC

“The Photographer magazine is in my opinion one of the most informative photography magazines available. I always enjoy reading the technical and creatively inspirational articles by the top photographers and artists in our industry.  Reading about all the variety of different business practices from the most successful run businesses in photography is invaluable. I always look forward to receiving The Photographer magazine in the mail. I highly recommend the Photographer magazine for any avid or professional photographer.”
Kristi Elias
Long Beach, CA

“Having a resource to depend on like TPPA Magazine is an important part of keeping my career focused. I am able to stay up to date on current trends, shooting techniques, lab offerings, and new gear on the market. I still prefer to hold a physical copy in my hands to read when I have down time and TPPA has always been a go to outlet.”
Alison Carlino
Sugar Land, TX

“Our staff looks forward to seeing the latest issue of THE PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine.  All of us look to see what new innovative photographic techniques and creative marketing ideas our peers are sharing.  When we are ready to acquire new products or equipment, we always have the latest copy to see which vendors to call.  It is one of the best publications out there that applies to us!”
Gregory Daniel
Titusville, FL

“Just finished reading my latest edition of THE PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine and WOW!  Another great issue of information for today’s professional photographer.  There are so many things that I love about this publication. But what consistently rises to the top of my list is that it is the perfect combination of great business, marketing and sales articles partnered with fantastic and useful posing, lighting and technical education.  It is a must-have for any professional photographer who wants to take their business to the next level.”
Mary Fisk-Taylor
Richmond, VA