Perpetual Marketing


Would you be interested in a business model that was inherently designed to reduce marketing costs, increase profits and perpetually build the buzz over time? This has certainly been our experience for over 33 years. We have successfully stood the test of many fads, economic roller coaster rides and the digital revolution without changing our basic business model. Hopefully some of the following thoughts will generate some ideas and a review of your current business model and help with the development of an action plan for the future.

Third party display marketing has been one of the most powerful institutional marketing tools the photography industry has touted for decades. We all know that landing a display at the local children’s boutique or in the premier mall entrance can be one of the best forms of keeping your name in front of potential clients. As wonderful as this sounds, landing these displays are not always easy and can be extremely costly. Over the years I have experienced difficulty in finding just the right business match that not only loves a Gregory Daniel Portrait but also is willing to display the portrait on their most valuable merchandizing wall.

The predominate wall for a local merchant is typically prime real estate that needs to be graced with income producing products bringing large profits to the table. This is why partnership marketing is so very important to the merchant and ultimately cost you through kickbacks or shared profits via certificates sold or honored from the generation of sales as a direct result of the display. There are many other types of displays that we have successfully used in the past and still employ today. This article is not to address all of the normally taught standard practices in our industry today but have you explore the idea of a proven and much more sustainable approach to long-term powerful marketing.

Consider setting up a photography business that is focused on creating timeless classics that are designed to hang on the predominate walls of all your clients. These are clients that have purchased your artwork because they love what you do. Naturally their portrait is something they are emotionally attached to forever. Typically it was created during a very special time in their life capturing their family, as they want to see them today and in the future. They have displayed this timeless, priceless portrait in the most desirable place in their home to be seen everyday.

Let’s say you work with 100 clients each year for over 5 years, you would have over 500 wall displays in the target homes of your marketing sweet spot. These are display holders of people that love you because of the wonderful gift and treasure you have given them for a lifetime. These are homes where parties are held each weekend throughout the year, every year, and where new potential clients are immersed in conversations centered around the most important topics of these families. Can you imagine the perpetual marketing buzz this produces? The type of third party marketing from having one of your clients share their experience during the creation of their timeless masterpiece is priceless.

I believe a business designed to create a timeless recognizable brand of personal art that is displayed on the wow walls of your clients is a blueprint for a sustainable, successful business. I would suggest perpetual marketing that is built into your products is a valuable concept that can and will reduce your direct marketing costs and continually increase your profits. This concept is one of the foundation blocks of our business and has proven itself worthy and standing the test of time.

Gregory and Lesa Daniel are from Titusville, Florida, and are regular instructors at the Texas School of Professional Photography. For more information, check out their website at For more information on Texas School, go to