Mark McCall Presented PPA National Award


The National Award is presented each year to an individual who has proven their dedication to the profession by years of service and commitment. The inscription on the award simply states “For Meritorious Contributions to Professional Photography.” This year’s award was presented at Summerfest ‘17 and the recipient of the National Award from Texas was Mark McCall of Lubbock, Texas.

Most of us know Mark McCall as that highly energetic guy we see at conventions and seminars, rushing around from one place to another, multi-tasking, volunteering for anything and everything, and always with a smile. That’s just the way he is… always wanting to help others and excited about the task at hand.

Mark was only eight years old when he was in the checkout line with his mother at a local discount center when he spotted a calendar with the most breathtaking images he had ever seen of mountains,  forests, and glaciers. He was fascinated with the images and begged his mother until she bought it for him. But it was Mark’s grandmother who first noticed his interest in photography and gave him a “beginner” camera. His $5 weekly allowance paid for film and processing.

A lot has taken place since Mark became a full-time professional photographer. He served as a TPPA Councilor-at-Large and then rose through the ranks to become president of the association. In more recent times, he has taught the Print Competition Boot Camp and has become a well-known figure both state-wide and nation-wide. Therefore, it is with great pride that the Texas Professional Photographers Association honors Mark McCall with this award to express our love and gratitude for someone who loves the profession and has always been a strong supporter of this association and its members.