Spotlight Pic: “Yee Haw My Fuzzy Butt”


“Yee Haw My Fuzzy Butt” was created by Rhonda Moore Strickland, of Breckenridge, Texas, using Artificial Intelligence, specifically Midjourney. Her goal was to make an image that would replicate what she does in the studio as a pet photographer, without having to dress up a cranky cat! The cat color was specified as tan/orange, the background muted browns, and accessories to convey the idea of a “cowboy” who was reluctant to have a formal portrait made. It took several revising of the prompts to get the image that Rhonda had in my mind. “Humor is a big factor in many of my images, so I’ll frequently add to the prompts to get it integrated into the finished image,” she explains. “Artificial Intelligence has been a part of my working toolkit for over a year, and I use several different ones, depending on the desired results. Creating backgrounds that couldn’t be done otherwise without great expense is one of the uses for AI. Visualizing and planning for a photographic session is another. I photograph pets for the local Humane Society, and for safety reasons, the pets have to be photographed in a kennel. With AI, I can place these pets into more unique settings that best show their personalities. In creating this and other images using various Artificial Intelligence tools, I hope to share with others the many ways we can harness the power of AI while still staying true to ourselves as photographers and artists.