PPA National Award Recipient Trey Homan


by Steve Kozak

This year’s recipient of the prestigious National Award from Texas is a man who began his photographic career “carrying bags” for another very successful and well-known photographer. In this case, it happened to be his wife, Elizabeth, who had already become a successful and nationally-known photographer from San Antonio, Texas. But it was his willingness to do the “not so glamorous stuff” that allowed Elizabeth to concentrate on her own imagery and earned Trey a reputation as someone willing to do whatever it took to get the job done right.

Within a few years, he was approached by TPPA President, Ed Alexander, who asked him if he would consider serving as an officer for the association. Trey never hesitated. “This was where I fell in love with TPPA,” he explained later. “I learned about the passion, dedication, and vision that the officers and staff of TPPA had, not just for our industry, but for the membership in general. They truly care about people, not just the images they create. I truly felt like I was a part of an amazing family of gifted individuals who truly care about one another.”

In 2017, Trey served as President of the Texas Professional Photographers Association. It was more than just an honorary role and Trey brought with him a talent for making tough business decisions for the future of the organization. His proven leadership helped insure that TPPA would be dominant leader in our profession. Since that time, Trey has been at the forefront of every aspect of this great association, especially the Texas School of Professional Photography where he teaches alongside Elizabeth. Both of them believe that continuing education is the foundation for success in photography or any other profession and that those who are successful owe a debt of gratitude to others who were willing to take the time to mentor others… and now it was time for Trey and Elizabeth to pay it forward.

Currently, he oversees the TPPA Image Competition and serves on other key committees on the state and national levels and is the President of Texas School Charities. Along the way, he also became a Certified Professional Photographer and earned his Photographic Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America.

The inscription on this coveted award simply reads, “For meritorious contributions to professional photography.” The words are few but the meaning is deeper than any words can express. The Texas Professional Photographers Association is proud to present the National Award to Trey Homan.