On The Cover: Cris and Deanna Duncan


The cover image was created at The McDonald Ranch in Gardiner, Montana, outside Yellowstone National Park. Each year, Cris and Deanna Duncan visit the ranch as part of their “Find Your Focus” excursion. Although COVID sidelined the 2020 event, the Duncans went as a family. “I selected this spot for our portrait because we both love the ranch and it is a special place for us,” explains Cris who set the camera on a tripod, pre-focused, and had his daughter press the shutter. Settings were ISO 400 at 1/1000 sec. at f2.8, using a Canon 5D IV and 200 mm f2 lens. A Profoto B1 and umbrella with diffusion was used as the main light. Learn more about TPPA’s 2021 President, Cris Duncan, on page 10.