On The Cover: Unrelenting Sovereignty


“Unrelenting Sovereignty” was created by Jean Wall of Carrollton, Texas, to symbolize the era of Marie Antoinette’s Reign as Queen of France just prior to the French Revolution. “Although she was not well liked by the people of France and was criticized for her lavish spending and opposition to reforms,” explains Jean, “she was a strong and stunning character I felt deserved portrayal.” The set has a great deal of symbolism including the regal fur adorned navy blue shawl with fleur de lis, the crown of a monarch, and the globe she is so arrogantly touching. The color palette both represents the colors of the French flag and the red and blue symbolism of war, strength, power, confidence, and authority. The set for this image was intended to have depth to allow creative lighting for accenting articles supporting her role and position in her world. Jean used a total of 6 lights to create more intensity and enhance depth in the image. She used a combination of a Profoto lights including a D2 with a gridded octabox as Marie’s main light, 2 A1’s, a B2, a B10, and a B1. The image won a trophy for Best Portrait of a Woman and Best First Time Entry, as well as a Judges Choice Ribbon, at TPPA Summerfest 2019 with a score of 96.