SPotlight Pics: Aileen Harding


“Ready for Action” was created by Aileen Harding of Baytown, Texas, on a cloudy morning just past the breeding season. She used a Canon 5DMIII with a Sigma 150-600 Sport Lens, at ISO 500. According to Aileen, “The overcast sky made it easier to capture the tonality of the image without blowing out the highlights of the white bird. The Egret was poised on his banch, ready to challenge anyone who came near. I used a shutter speed of 1/200 second in order to freeze the motion of the wings so that the viewer could see the intricate detail of the feathers.”

Aileen explains that, when photographing wildlife, it is important to study the subject. “Be familiar with the subject’s behavior, what their habitat is like and when they will be most active. This may require several visits to the area. Determining the lighting direction, optimum background and best location for an effective composition will provide you with the best opportunity for story telling images.”