Spotlight Pics: Angela Navarette


“It’s All About the Bass,” is a PPA General Collection image by Angela Navarette, M.Photog., CPP of Plano, Texas. She created this portrait of her client’s high school son who plays in the orchestra. “It was very important to me to control the lighting on the instrument while ensuring my subject was equally well lit. I used a gridded 48” octobox camera left with a gobo to control the highlights on the bass; a white V-flat at camera right for fill; and strip box for rim light.” The image was shot with a Nikon d810 and Nikon 50 f.1.4 mm.  Angela explains, “Prior to the session, I knew it would be presented as a black and white matted print on fine art paper. I loved the subject’s bowtie, but wanted a casual, cool look to match his personality. I rolled up his sleeves and gave him a nonchalant pose while he supported his bass in front of him, hence the title for the portrait.” Angela custom prints and mounts all her fine art pieces for her clients at her home studio.