Spotlight Pics: Terri Butler


“Do You Think We’re Related?” was created by Terri Butler, of San Antonio, Texas. The image was captured at the bird house at the San Antonio Zoo. When editing the images, Terri realized that she had two different colors of the same little bird and the thought crossed her mind that she should look to see how many varieties there were the next time she visited the zoo. But it also gave her the idea for a composite image. “I searched through my collection to find two blue birds that could be arranged facing each other as if they were talking among themselves and then added the tan one on the opposite branch as the subject of their discussion,” she explains. Each bird was placed on a background that Terri painted with a mixer brush in Photoshop. Next, she used some branches from another image and painted the birds into the positions on the branches. “The birds and the branches were then painted with a variety of different mixer brushes and a gradient was added in the corner for some directional lighting,” she adds. The title, “Do You Think We’re Related?” was to emphasize the story of the relationship between the two different types of birds and the question of whether or not they were related. The image scored an 83 at the Texas PPA Summerfest Image Competition.