Growing Through Education


H&H Color Lab Helping Photographers Meet Today’s Business Challenges

by Sarah Higgins

Do you want to grow your photography business?  As in any industry, continuing education is one key to success. There is a whole lot of information out there but, let’s be honest, it takes more than watching a few YouTube videos and reading a few blog posts to build a successful business.

Bootcamp at H&H Color lab.

From the very beginning, H&H Color Lab realized that teaching their customers better ways to do business, or even simply sharing newer digital technologies, would only help the industry thrive as a whole.

H&H began in the basement of Wayne and Shirley Haub’s residence in a sleepy suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, in 1970. Wayne and his brother, Ted Haub, owned a portrait studio that had just landed its first high school senior contract. With a background in and love for color printing, Wayne chose to install his own color processing equipment in the basement of his home to process film and to print the black-and-white and color photographs that were demanded by the senior market of that generation.
Over time, as the business grew, the process of making photographs began to change dramatically. To keep up with business, the lab had to stay current with equipment and trends in the photographic world. Digital cameras were sending images directly to computers.

Darkrooms and film were becoming a thing of the past. Customers were trying to sort out what kind of equipment to invest in. They were trying to understand how this digital space would change how they did business. H&H knew that education in this new space was critical.

So in 2002, H&H established H&H University, with the simple motto, “Keeping you in touch with changing technology.” In those days, digital technology had photographers scrambling for the right answers to countless questions. H&H University became a respected source of truth and a place where photographers knew that the only agenda was helping them succeed.

Photographers gather at the H&H Booth Theater at Imaging USA 2020 to learn how to grow their businesses.

Much has changed in the last 50 years, but continuing education is more important than ever. H&H Color Lab continues this tradition with world-class training where the focus is on helping independent photographers build successful businesses that can compete with large national companies in volume school, sports, and events.

For the portrait/wedding photographer, classes are developed for photographic and sales techniques, and technology of online sales tools for galleries, IPS (both remote and in studio), mobile apps, and much more.

By partnering with some of the industry’s leading educators, developing online classes, in-person training, one-on-one coaching, training videos, and Facebook groups, H&H continues to lead with education.  H&H is building classes, communities and coaching to help professional photographers, no matter where they are in their business journey, to take the next steps to learn and grow.

For more information about H&H Color Lab’s continuing education opportunities for photographers, visit the Education page on their website: