Spotlight Pics: “WWII PV2-Harpoon”


“WWII PV2-Harpoon” was created by John Hartman of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, as the result of a request from one of his long-time friends, Dennis Walsh, a photographer and retired American Airline Captain from Park City, Utah. The Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon was used as an anti-submarine aircraft primarily in the Aleutian Islands toward the end of World War II. Very few of these planes were placed into service, and only a handful remain that are still flying and this is one of them. The owner of the plane was hoping to sell it due to health reasons. “I was asked to come out and light paint the aircraft to provide a nice image that would assist in a quick sale. My wife and I were happy to have a vacation to the mountains of Utah,” explains Hartman. “We had a perfect evening and a beautiful sunset the night of the photo shoot, which took place at a small airport in Heber City, Utah. Eighty-eight images were created using a Hasselblad H5D-50 and 50mm lens, of which 66 were composited in Photoshop to produce the image.”

John Hartman will be teaching a class on “Mastering the Art, Science, and Business of Light Painting” at the 2022 Texas School of Professional Photography. You can view more of his fascinating images at