On The Cover: “Vintage Doll”


“Vintage Doll” was created by Kate Baumgartner at her studio in Keller, Texas. The image was captured with a Canon 5D Mark IV at f7.1, 1/160 second, at 125 ISO at a focal length of 51mm. While out in my neighboring communities scouting estate sales, Kate found about ten vintage hats one day and knew instantly that there was something special in each of them. She chose to photograph the girl on a dark red backdrop and rented the dress from a collection with Your Fairy Godmother. Kate used two Godox 400 lights, one as a fill and the other as a subtle kicker light, along with one Flashpoint 600 as the main light. Various color toning layers were added for overall color harmony and the Liquify Tool was used to smooth out various edges of the hat to give the hair more body and a clean, polished look. The image received a Seal of Approval and was awarded Yellow Rose Silver Medalist at the 2023 TPPA Photographic Competition.