Spotlight Pics: “Bon Appétit”


“Bon Appétit” was created by Cris Duncan of Lubbock, Texas. The image is part of a collection of images done for a commercial client who sells cookware and teaches people how to cook and eat healthy. Cris created images for their website, printed material and cookbook.

This image of the Wok and ingredients was shot in his studio. “I borrowed a stovetop from a local dealer and fabricated a mock counter top using tables and vinyl flooring. The client and myself styled and designed the image. Lighting was a large 9×12 scrim for the pan and then I added a 10º grid to a separate strobe to create a sunlight type light in the vegetables. White foam core boards were used to add fill and handle reflections,” he explains.

For these types of commercial sessions, Cris will capture tethered to Lightroom so the client can see exactly what was captured and make adjustments on the spot. You can learn more at and