Spotlight Pics: “Candlelight Recital”


“Candlelight Recital” was photographed by Phyllis Kuykendall, M.Photog.,CPP and received a Distinguished Print Ribbon at Summerfest ‘16. “My original concept for this shoot was a heavenly look, but I couldn’t pull it together,” explains Phyllis. “So I switched gears using one of Cliff Ranson’s digital backgrounds, adding the lights right and left on the wall and altering the background of the window to a cloudier look.” The subject, Alex, was photographed in the studio using ProFoto lights consisting of a 4×6 softbox placed camera left and a 1×4 grid for rim light to separate the Alex from the background.

Using Photoshop, Phyllis extracted Alex from the background and used multiple blending layers to add light and shadow. “Creating the light source to match my image proved to be a challenge,” she adds, “so ivy was added in the background and in random areas to give added interest.”

Phyllis Kuykendall owns Lilly Blue Photography in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information, check out her website at