Spotlight Pics: Diana Waguespack


“Image Elegance,” was created by Diana Waguespack of Houston, Texas, known nationally for her exquisite underwater art photography. She has set herself apart by offering work that is whimsical, has a fashion sense, and is timeless in its beauty. “When I begin an image, I first think of a concept that I want to portray. After making notes and thumbnail sketches of what the vision should be, I set out to create it,” explains Diana. Her vision of “Image Elegance” was a young woman dancing at an elegant ball as she flows through time and space. “I wanted a softness surrounding her, creating a desire for the viewer to want to meet her and to know her. Who is she looking for? Where is she going? Where has she been? It is a magical moment in time.”

Diana Waguespack attended the University of Houston, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education/Art All Level and taught art and photography through private classes, workshops, and public schools. Her work has been recognized in national competitions and is represented in art galleries and private collections. Diana had six of her images merit this year at Imaging USA with two of them accepted in the Loan Collection and two placed in Showcase.