Spotlight Pics: Just Lounging


bab01“Just Lounging,” a merit print by Tim Babiak of Austin, Texas, is the story of a journey in PPA print competition. Back in 2012, Tim found himself enamored with the work of legendary pinup illustrator Gil Elvgren. Tim’s vision was to create work in the style of Elvgren that was a cross between illustrative and photographic. 1After studying Elvgren’s work, Tim consulted with Austin stylist Allison Lowery of the University of Texas Performing Arts Center.

To test the vision, Babiak and Lowery set up a test shoot enlisting the help of local designer and photographer Mark Heaps. Lowery provided wardrobe, makeup and wigs to create the look of the old pinups while Babiak and Heaps studied light and modifiers. In the end, the Westcott 45” soft silver umbrella provided the perfect illustrative look while a loop pattern with a 3:1 ratio appeared similar to Elvgren’s work.

Babiak approached a former client who was eager to have a session with this style of photography. After the session was completed, Babiak went to work in Photoshop idealizing the subject and adding the illustrative effect. The image was entered in the monthly print competition at the Austin Professional Photographers Association and took the blue ribbon. Babiak entered the print at PhotoGenesis 2015 where it scored an 84. Afterwards, he submitted the print at IPC and it earned a bronze medal.